T-206 Set - "The Monster"

The T206 Honus Wagner cards are the holy grail of the T206 set, so even low-level cards can make a lot of money at auction. It is said that Wagner adopted an ethical attitude in the production of his cards, as it encouraged the purchase of cigarettes for children. The ATC stopped the production of the cards, leaving only 50-200 cards in stock.

It is easy to see why the T206 Honus Wagner cards are still one of the most valuable T206 sets and have been reprinted for over $40.

The T206 tobacco card set from 1909-1911 is his most revered and iconic series. This collection has something to discover whether you are an advanced T206 collector or a beginner trying to identify older maps. Many of the Dead Ball Era stars pictured in 524 cards by this group have fascinated us for 100 years since their heyday.

T-206 Baseball Cards

T-206 baseball cards were produced from 1909-1911.

By the T206 set, which was issued by the American Tobacco Co. from 1909 to 1911, I became addicted to old tobacco cards and as a card lover this set is probably the most important sports card set in collecting and one of the most valuable. Known as the "Monster," this set contained at least 524 cards with more than 16 different tobacco tokens on the back, creating a set of thousands of variations. The T206 tobacco card set was a monster that was in circulation for three years from 1909 to 1911.

Honus Wagner, known as the holy grail of cards, has evolved into mythology over the years. Known as the " Flying Dutchman ", he was one of the great players of his era (1874-1955) and spent his entire career with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

According to legends, Honus Wagner (1874 -- 1955) refused to print any more cards with his image because he did not want to promote tobacco. We can find the true answer to why he does not want his image used in the T206 tobacco card series. His T206 card was published as part of an American Tobacco Company set and printed with a small number of other players.

Repacked Wax Vintage Sports Cards

Vintage Baseball Cards in Wax Wrappers

The T206 baseball cards show various card features including players such as Ty Cobb, Frank Chance and Christy Mathewson with portraits, poses and other action-like images. A little boy's interest in a picture of a National American League baseball player coming out of a pack of Piedmont cigarettes is remarkable. Pictures of baseball men are as coveted as gold and this boy had a great desire to secure images of Ty Cobb and Hans Wagner.

The players featured in the T206 are no longer with us but their lives and careers continue in the simple and colorful images printed on these wonderful tobacco card sets.

The T206 baseball card set 1909-1911 is considered one of the most important (if not the most important) topics of the whole hobby. The visual appeal of the cards, the gigantic size of the set and the incredible choice of players make it a collector's favorite. T206 was associated with the T206 set for more than a decade before the first baseball card collectors started cataloging the cards they owned and knew.

Like the Topps set from 1952, the T206 baseball card set of 1909-1911 is one of the three great baseball cards in the world. One could argue that the T206 set from 1909 to 1911 is itself the pinnacle of trading card sets. However, it is larger than Goudeys of 1933 and 1952, as both sets required more than twice as many cards to complete.

Due to the outstanding artwork used in the design of the piece it is much more attractive than the 1952 Topps - set. It is also visually much more appealing than the 1952 Topps set as excellent works of art are used throughout the design.

When I was eight, I first saw a T206 card in Steve Clark's Complete Book of Baseball Cards. T206 is a white-rimmed baseball card created over a period of three years by the American Tobacco Trust and lived up to its name as a monster.

The book offers a history of baseball cards from the mid-1970s and has many great pictures. The process and techniques that were used to produce the related sports cards after the 1880s and non-sporting trading cards. The history of the printing used to produce baseball cards D) A brief summary of the print used in the production of baseball cards followed by a focus on the famous T206 edition of 1909-11.

In the 1870s, tobacco companies brought in the card industry into the country. The decision to use images of ball players over the centuries to sell tobacco made business sense and we now know that the earliest tobacco cards are still highly collectable today. What may shock tobacco lovers is the fact that a century after their foray into baseball, the rough-and-tumble game developed into the most famous and expensive baseball card of all time, the 1909 Honus Wagner T-206 tobacco card.

Sherry Magee had three cards in the T206 set : one with a portrait of Sherry Magee, the second with the bat on her shoulder and the third with her name inscribed the wrong magic. After the success of the white-rimmed T-206, the American Tobacco Company released another set in 1911, called the American Card Catalogue which was even more popular. Many people discarded the cards as they fished for packs of the goods they wanted, cigarettes, and many of the cards were lost due to massive paperwork during the two world wars.

The Wagner, plank, magic and Doyle cards are considered Big 4 and are not necessary for a complete T206 baseball set with a white border. Doyle has two examples of a T206 set, one called NY / N Atl. Some versions of Joe Doyle’s cards list NY / NY Atl after his name, but most of his T206 cards omit the league designation.

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